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FBF Homogenizer article
วันที่ 25/06/2014   01:29:42

 A new series of machines, a turning point and a revolution in Homogenizers’ field. These machines adopt innovative technical solutions, where quality performance and energy savings create a perfect union.

 Some technical characteristics of Buffalo Series machines:

  • Reduction gear integrated into the pump body
  • Compression head 'Multi Block' type, Guaranteed against breakage for 5 years
  • Pumping Pistons manufactured with special hard wearing coating and double guides
  • New Valve with hemispherical valves type and valve seats Double Seat (swivel)
  • Automatic tensioning of drive belts
  • Water system with dual station, able to reduce significantly the cooling water consumption


The FBF homogenizers are in conformity with CE regulation and are available with capacities from 50 to 50.000 LPH, with homogenizing pressure till 2.000 bar.

FBF homogenizers table for Millenium and buffalo series. 

Website Link : FBF ITALIA



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